Takin’ Over tha World

Album numérique / NT 057

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  • 1. Takin’ Over Tha World (radio edit)
  • 2. Packin’ Hot Heat
  • 3. Arashikage Ninjas (drum & bass remix)
  • 4. The Seduction (house remix)
  • 5. Takin’ Over Tha World (instrumental version)

An EP that puts a whole new light to the term “Gangsta rap”, as the protagonists in this hip-hop trio are eminent members of well known group of cartoon villains. This is the precursor to their follow-up CD, out on Cobra records.

  • Disponible le: 2001-10-19

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1. Takin' Over Tha World (Radio Edit)
2. Packin' Hot Heat (non-album track)
3. Arashikage Ninjas (Drum & Bass Remix)
4. The Seduction (House Remix)
5. Takin' Over Tha World (Instrumental Version)

all songs written by MC Destro and The Baroness
all songs and remixes produced by DJ Cobra Commander

tracks 1, 4, 5 recorded at Flying Airship Studios
track 2 recorded at Cobra Island Studios
track 3 recorded at The Aqua Fortress

(c)2001 Cobra Records