Album numérique / PAN 109

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  • 1. Backface
  • 2. Synchronous Cloudfare
  • 3. Crash Test Pavilion A
  • 4. Crash Test Pavilion B
  • 5. Squiggly Line
  • 6. Hard Chaccone
  • 7. Soft Passacaglia
  • 8. Funnel
  • 9. Drift
  • 10. Peak
  • 11. Squiggly Arc
  • 12. Dotted
  • 13. Mass Rider
  • 14. Knarl

Residue of an ontological metalepsis etched between 2005-2008 in Montreal, QC and Providence, RI. Recently remastered, and finally released into the world in 2022, Bluebird is a welcome return from an artist who has been a staple in our roster since the inception of the label.

Eric Mattson at Oral Records, Constantine Katsiris at Panospria, Concordia University Department of Music, John Davis at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Freida Abtan for the salon evenings at Le Cagibi, RISD and Brown University for the Pixilerations Festival v.6, and a book of mathematical lore called ‘Formalized Music’ by Iannis Xenakis that formed the basis for much of this album.

  • Disponible le: 2022-09-25

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