Dub Displacement Dynamite!

Album numérique / PAN 108

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  • 1. Countryside Ride
  • 2. Blast Mining v1
  • 3. NuTribes
  • 4. Greenwash Hypnosis
  • 5. Razed Groundation
  • 6. NuSkanking
  • 7. Frozen Tropics (Eski Dub)

Ruminations on themes of dissolution, rejuvenation, the human experience, and elevation of consciousness… by ferocious means, if necessary! This deeply cinematic soundtrack without a film is a psychic journey from South East Asia to Berlin to Jamaica through the lens of the enigmatic cabal known as SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL.

Growing up in Manila, the SKRS crew observed the panyolito or pañuelo (bandana/kerchief) as closely associated with the working class - labourers, drivers, farmers, and the like. It’s used as a simple implement to manage heat, humidity, and atmospheric conditions throughout one’s working day; slung over the shoulder, ready for action. It did not signal gang-affiliations nor fashion trends, although it has become embedded into the Filipino cultural dress language. This garment proudly carries on this traditional symbol of enduring and putting in work with the release of Dub Displacement Dynamite!

Visual artist Mysteryforms was enlisted to codify themes of dissolution/rejuvenation, death/rebirth, and offering/blessing into the illustration for this bandana design. Limited edition digital prints on 22” × 22” cotton fabric bandanas are available to purchase from Naminohana Records in Osaka (while supplies last) and include a download code for the album.

Produced and recorded at Aquaboogie Studios, East Richmond (OG Musqueam Lands)
Art and design by Mysteryforms
Mastered by The Stunt Man at Suite Sound Labs

“Spanning seven tracks, the album explores a heady collage of abstract dub, experimental electronics, and lovers’ rock, providing an all-enveloping mind bokeh, sitting somewhere between the output of Rhythm & Sound. For those who are after something different, this is well worth your attention.”
Tom Durston, Inverted Audio

  • Disponible le: 2022-08-29

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