Non-Binary CEO Volume 2

Album numérique / PAN 107

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Album sur DVD-Vidéo / PAN 107

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  • 1. 20,000 Years of Cosplay
  • 2. Burned the Suspect
  • 3. Teleportation Sickness
  • 4. The Full Heeze
  • 5. Piss Alps

After building a cult following through many no-budget tours of blown out dance music with a backpack full of gear, Jacob Audrey Taves has stepped away from the Holzkopf pseudonym to compose a deep and immersive audio/video album under their own name. Non-Binary CEO, Volume 2 is presented on DVD format for the full viewing experience, as well as a high quality audio download of the soundtrack solely for listening purposes.

With world travel effectively shut down, Taves has taken the time to process the previous 16 years worth of memorable encounters from their rigorous touring regimen. Standouts among them include playing in a queer bar in Eastern Europe days after it was fire bombed by a right-wing gang, entertaining a Roma encampment in the Swiss mountains, shaking the hand of a Russian gangster with missing fingers who exclaimed “your music is like therapy for me”, watching soldiers get on and off trains with freshly severed limbs, eating wild boar stew while watching the sunset on the rooftop of a squatted French mansion, being chased by Nazis and hiding in a grocery store. These experiences provide the emotional framework for Non-Binary CEO to explore and give voice to error and sounds most would prefer to delete. Dreamlike soundscapes clash with the harsh reality of broken noises and images while mistakes are amplified and allowed to ring out, grow, and combine with other sonic and visual shards and offshoots.

  • Disponible le: 2022-03-15