Latent Voices

Album numérique / 002

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  • 1. Laughter in Morocco
  • 2. Ticking Tock
  • 3. Eternal Flight
  • 4. Row Row Whisper Shoot
  • 5. Orchestra Pitfall
  • 6. Dancing David Lynch
  • 7. Slow Down
  • 8. Monolog About a Meta-Pet
  • 9. Singing and Drumming
  • 10. Something is Happening
  • 11. Scene from Kinomonolog (2028)
  • 12. Row Raw Your Shakuhachi Boat
  • 13. Kletzmerz
  • 14. Intense Rush
  • 15. So Many People
  • 16. Amateur Blalaika
  • 17. Stayin Number One
  • 18. 2B or 2B dait it ze QuestioneD
  • 19. Middle Age Musical
  • 20. Classical Swamps and Beautiful Fairies
  • 21. Best Mixup of AI21 (Including Airplanes)
  • 22. Choral
  • 23. Pathetic Starts and Moving Chairs
  • 24. Orchestra Immigrating

Merzmensch’s Latent Voices are a curated selection. The influences draw from experimental music, from Fluxus to Dada and Music Concrete. Listening to the entire collection presents a fever-dream of surrealist takes on music. It has the feel of field recordings from a computer’s dreams. That is not just a burst of cyber-poetry: all of the sounds you hear on this record were produced entirely by an artificial intelligence model. They were never written or performed. Merzmensch has selected those which reflect his own interests in absurdity and noise. But they are nonetheless familiar, as the AI can only build its dreams around the data it has. Here, that’s a history of jazz, pop, choral and field recordings, turned into data before being reassembled into this sonic collage. The low resolutions of this technology give the sounds a patina of mysterious AM radio broadcasts from distant stations, never to be heard again.

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Produced by Vladimir Alexeev (Merzmensch)

  • Disponible le: 2021-10-26

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