Album numérique / PAN 102

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  • 1. Curling Limb
  • 2. Drawn In
  • 3. Float
  • 4. Hold Me Well
  • 5. Restless Gaze
  • 6. Rivers
  • 7. Sealed
  • 8. Seeing Thru

A thread to tie together plateaus of past and future. A brush stroke upon a blank canvas. The full weight of a city. With all our might, we float. We’ll see you then.


A collection of improvised one-offs, bedroom jams, and abandoned works that were mostly captured live in the moment, often as just a stereo send from a pile of wires, rhythm boxes, and synthesizers. All sounds recorded at Trash Castle and in the depths of the hollow hill between 2014 and 2015. The resulting tracks were selected and mastered by Bill Batt in January 2021 for this release.

  • Disponible le: 2021-06-13

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