Storm Summer Sunhill

re/collection (fall 2021)

Album numérique / NT 211

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  • 1. Cooper Black
  • 2. Surfing Alabama
  • 3. 15th and Halo
  • 4. Seafoam
  • 5. Cooper Blue
  • 6. Summer Stock and Houses
  • 7. Harper’s Ferry
  • 8. John Beaker Sessions
  • 9. Cooper Blonde
  • 10. Kate’s ’57

One look at Jeffrey Shell’s discography and it is clear what a prolific composer and performer he is: since 1994, he has been responsible for over fifty tapes, CD-Rs and digital releases, primarily under the names Eucci and AODL, and mostly on his own Rive label. Put together, they paint an artist with a peculiar mindframe, attuned to the relationship between avant-garde and pop, between noise and design.

A savant mix of drones, clicks and drum ’n’ bass fragments, Storm Summer Sunhill feels like a definitive statement from Shell, a moment when his pop & experimental penchants fused to turn into a self-contained sequence of noisy nuggets.

Written and recorded Dec 2006 - Jul 2007 by J. Shell for Eucci at Sunhill Studios. Initially released in August 2007 (NT 105). Remastered by the artist in May 2021.

  • Disponible le: 2021-11-23

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