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Quiet City was a series of concerts that featured live performances of experimental, electronic, and improvised music in comfortable and intimate settings around Vancouver. Established in January 2010 as a bi-monthly showcase consisting mainly of local acts, it steadily grew to become a noteworthy stop on the international touring circuit, hosting dozens of artists from abroad.

Through community support and a dedicated audience we were able to present exciting new music year after year, thanks in part to our partnerships with VIVO Media Arts Centre, Red Gate Arts Society, Blim Arts Facility, Vancouver New Music, New Forms Festival, Or Gallery, Remington Gallery, Selectors’ Records, The Lido, The Rattle, Atelier 254, Merge, Deep Blue, Send+Receive Festival, Powell Street Festival, Society of Musical Esotericism, Isolated Now Waves, Simon Fraser University, and the Soundscape programme on CFRO Co-op Radio who co-presented various editions of the series.

Although a large portion of the sets were not recorded, this compilation features excerpts from some the incredible performances that were hosted over the course of our decade-long run. While a few of these were recorded off of the soundboard, the majority were recorded with room mics. Our team wishes to extend their gratitude to everyone who came out to listen and support these events, and to the artists for their magnificent contributions.

We went the extra mile, scoured YouTube for video footage, and compiled a Quiet City playlist featuring some of the sets that weren’t documented otherwise on the compilation. Enjoy!


Founder & Artistic Director: Constantine Katsiris
Technical Director: Matthew Harris
Recording Engineer: Jaewoo Lee
Operations & Logistics: Jamison Troy Gladysz
Poster Design: Jack Duckworth
Event Photography: Steve Louie

  • Disponible le: 2021-04-07

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