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Debut 13-track maxi-EP from Darck (now known as OutputMessage) establishing his early mixture of lo-fi IDM & minimal drum n bass. Includes remixes by Tracing Limelite, Ambia Dextrus & Stackoverflow.

  • Disponible le: 1999-02-03


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1. Grays (The Big Eyes)

2. Grays (The Small Eyes)

3. The Air

4. Two Mmpalhex Kissing

5. Twixerqat

6. Twixerqat (Playground)
Tracing Limelite

7. ZXI-3


8. Amazing Grays (The Red Clouds)
Tracing Limelite

9. Twixerqat (Red Mix)

10. Greys (Deception in Colours)
Ambia Dextrus

11. Twixerqat (128mbmix)

12. Twixerqat (Accident)
Tracing Limelite

13. Pink


Musical & visual compositions by: Bernard Farley.
Tracks 6, 8, 12 remixed by Tracing Limelite.
Track 10 remixed by Ambia Dextrus.
Track 11 remixed by Stackoverflow.

(c)1999, Darck.

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