arturas bumsteinas & various artists - rixc remixes
1 · [192kbps / 64kbps] do you take plastic by ars intel.
2 · [192kbps / 64kbps] vel sumaisytas by simon wickham-smith
3 · [192kbps / 64kbps] 127 165 4 by ad_OS
4 · [192kbps / 64kbps] rmx master by pure
5 · [192kbps / 64kbps] speed by antanas jasenka
6 · [192kbps / 64kbps] claptrek by & hiss band
7 · [192kbps / 64kbps] dvd9 by atrac
8 · [192kbps / 64kbps] untitled by pink twins
9 · [192kbps / 64kbps] when concept killed music by ars intel.

zip files: vbr (high quality) 64kbps (low quality) release page

During the warm 5th August's day of 2004, me and Laura, we took a bus to Riga. There we had to present our art for a few interested people and i was supposed to do sound performance at Ozone net radio (which is one of the many projects of Rixc media art center). 5 hours in the bus is nothing, because the reward is a beautiful town. There we met Derek H and Sara K, Mara T did an interview and Raitis S was very kind to keep an eye on the equipment and stream.

That's what i said about the upcomming performance:

"Main sound material for this improvisation will consist of extended sine chord, slightly descending to a very low frequency area. Other layers will be sound samples from soundtracks of our audiovisual installation works: Horizon, Two Ways How To Say Three, Crossing".

But of course something more has happened...

The gig was recorded to minidisc and i must admit i quite liked listening to what was inside later, when we were back to Vilnius. So, i sent recorded track as a demo to the label Disposable Thumb Recordings, where some very good music was released. Kelly (boss of the label) said that he'd like to release more of my stuff at once, so i proposed to do a double CD where the second disc would contain some remixes of Live@Rixc track. I started asking my friends musicians to do something and after 3 months i had a great hour of music from these people (in the order of submission): Simon Wickham-Smith, Antanas Jasenka, Ars Intel, ad_OS, Pink Twins, Atrac, & Hiss Band, Pure.

I sent WAV files to Kelly and he informed me that he received them. But soon something happened and it was difficult to get in touch with Kelly. He once emailed me (i remember i was in Helsinki then) that he's experiencing some problems with his VISA card (it was stolen he said...) and then he said that he's going to the Texas or somewhere... A few months later his brother contacted me with the email which said that Kelly died on the second day of Christmas.

Now the original track Live@Rixc is released on Organic Pipeline label and this remix album Rixc Remixes is here on Nishi. Dedicated to Kelly B...