Buckle up! Enough crap. Zirkulardynamik's in the driver's seat and really rockets - and not just the shortest way there either. Curving at full throttle over hill and down dale, always pulling up just in time, yet never far from bedrock.

Zirkulardynamik is seven stage musos who magically transform techno, electro, noise and punk rock into a symbiosis they dub Elektrock. And how it rocks! Electronically, of course.

Zirkulardynamik is Dan (feedbacks, vocals), Robotnik (sequencing, drum machine), Bunkerhannes (bass), A'Cord Lord (keyboards, synth), Basi (electric guitar), Inkoe (turntables), Tom (didgeridoo) as well as video artist Final-Firas and her live mixer Lennert, irreplaceable for his arrangements savvy and ability to deal with those zingy feedback loops.

It starts, and everything's all mixed up. Over a gnashing background of textured sound, the beat cuts in with a rectilinear kick drum marching over incredulous faces in the audience. While the first heads start bobbing to the massive baseline, the room starts to fill with atmospheric spaces from the paunchy tube of the didgeridoo. Once the guitar riffs start ripping and Dan's distorted voice drives the trash factor to exponential heights, there's no more stopping. Thoughts dissolve - there's no more time for thinking. Dance! Frantically! A hellish spectacle with take off guaranteed. Zirkulardynamik leaves nothing but scorched earth!

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