subpoint disaster

subpoint disaster

Founded by Rock Wood at the end of the past century SUBPOINT DISASTER is an improvisation three piece band. Love Less plays the guitar, Bert Hasslyr plays bass and Rock Wood is playing the drums. The songs of SUBPOINT DISASTER reflecting certain situations and translate space into sound. It is mainly quiet but no melancholic or ambient music at all. SUBPOINT DISASTER manages to connect three souls, which than interact with each other, intense and very concious.

"Subpoint Disaster travels across gray areas" is the titel from a painting by Brandau. It is the cover of the first SUBPOINT DISASTER album and shows a figur somehow flying or jumping. The strange thing about this painting is, that a face appeared within the painting one day after it was finished. The face glances direct at the figure. This painting and it's story is a synonym for the music of SUBPOINT DISASTER.

All recordings by SUBPOINT DISASTER are live recordings and every moment is special and important. Every tiny movement of the air is part of a SUBPOINT DISASTER song. The recording sessions usually take place on special locations i.e. an empty casino days before it vanishes by a blast. The last thing that happens in that Casino is a recording session by SUBPOINT DISASTER which inhales the mood of the last moments of a space once cramed with people. Only the three members of SUBPOINT DISASTER are for the recording-session at this place and reflecting within their improvisations an image of room, space and time. SUBPOINT DISASTER recordings document in general spaces which will be soon or are no longer part of this world.

Equipment used: A rotten accustic guitar with a rotten mic taped on the body, a Fender JT60 and a Morley, one Fender Jazz Bass and a 60s jazz drum kit. For the Mastermix a Nanoreverb was used ... thats it, ah, all recording is made with one stereo microphone! The album was produced by Brandau aka Back to Earth you Drones for Ownway Productions.

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