Mystified owes a lot to his roots; an education in symphonic, classical, and jazz music got things started. His tastes in music became quite diverse, including Synthpop, "college" & "indie" music, and particularly aggro-Industrial music. He was swept into the current created by Chicago's Industrial music scene in the early 1990's. Years of listening to Industrial music changed and inspired him to become involved with music with a harder edge. Further, watching Industrial DJs spin and bands play inspired him to participate in the music scene on a creative level.

In the late 1990's he was immediately interested in the kinds of music that could be created with a computer and began creating audio collages using an early version of Cool Edit. Ripping samples from CDs he owned and meticulously sequencing them, he had a lot of fun, and still has samples of work from this early period.

More sophisticated programs and a variety of brainstorms led to the creation of AutoCad, a fractal/mathematical-based Techno outfit using various forms of generation to create, essentially, fractal dance tracks. The time must have been right for this kind of music, as "Spin" Magazine featured AutoCad in their publication (11/2000). This publicity was very flattering and led to all kinds of attention-- and to better networking with other artists.

Eventually abandoning fractal music in favor of his own muse, he wrote scores of techno-centered tracks. For the next 3 years and continued to pursue music in this way. Having some degree of success, AutoCad was featured in dozens of online publications, websites, and compilations. Thomas was frequently asked to remix other artists, and continued to participate in a growing field of networking artists, including such incredible groups of people as The Tapegerm Collective and The Infinite sector Collective.

Recently Thomas has become interested in the more experimental music of his peers and has had a breakthrough, on many levels. Succeeding in contacting Robin Storey of Rapoon, Mr. Storey agreed to remix a track. Feeling that big things were in store, the band name was changed from AutoCad to Mystified in order to avoid lawsuits from the now popular firm by the same name. Continuing to pursue a loose affiliation with Rapoon and his incredibly groundbreaking use of samples, Thomas was inspired to break away from beat-centered Techno music and to explore more fluid genres such as Ambient and Illbient genres. He has since come to recognize that these genres of music are closer to his creative center.

Mystified is an Ambient-Industrial project, mainly due to the types of samples uses in sonic collages, and the range of moods he seeks to explore and to evoke. Listeners may find themselves aurally transported to various creepy, grungy, awesome places; from the bottom of a dead ocean to the walkway on a crowded overpass to an exotic den of gongs, flutes and incense. As diverse as are the atmospheres of the world be so are the works of Mystified.

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