In case you don't know "mistrust", here is some info:

mistrust creates downtempo, instrumental and song-based music - chillout, almost "drift music". Many of his tracks are inspired by things close to home, such as getting married, bringing up children, and life in general. mistrust has always been interested in weird noises and atmospheric sounds, and these are things that tend to stand out in his tracks.

In December 2003, mistrust joined the online music community, with two tracks, "Never Alone" and "I travel", both of which were highly commended for their production. The former reached Number 2 in the Electromancer.com charts (in the uk) in its first month, the highest position for a debut artist on that site for quite a while. Inspired by the journey into the world of his (then) soon-to-be born son, "Never Alone" has since become mistrust's signature tune, and the most popular so far.

mistrust has recently been approached by a major UK music licensing company to have some of his tracks on the O'Neill Europe extreme sports DVD due for worldwide release in late 2005. This is a non-exclusive deal, allowing mistrust to release his music elsewhere.

Some people have said some really nice things about mistrust's music:

"stands above the rest, it could easily be worthy of a small label release" (about "Never Alone")

"a nice enjoyable piece all in all! Look forward to more..." (about "For all we've done")

"keeps the ears n' head interested at all times - WOW!, gorgeous music"

All of mistrust's music, including the lastest online track called "Thy will be done" is available now available to download for free via his website). A CD of some of mistrust's tracks is in the pipeline.

mistrust is currently unsigned, but hopeful!!!

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