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Jap Jap is the artist name of Jasper Boer, born the 27th of March 1980 in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, the Netherlands. Since the moment he had his first PC he started exploring the possibilities of programming music. He has a musical background and played the piano and electric guitar for a few years and whenever he had the chance he would practice drumming on his brothers drum set.

Starting of with hardcore, meeting techno, continuing with drum 'n bass, then experimenting with more melodic tunes and easy listening rhythm's Jap Jap has built up quite some musical knowledge. Over the last years he got inspired by the upcoming electronic chill out genre. His Ambient sounds, well chosen melodies and chilled beats blend into a unique electronic sound coming from Jap Jap's "Musical Mind".

The EP "Shapes Are" is a refreshing move in a faster direction. The beats here hover in a tempo range that is unusual for for Jap Jap who is usually producing more easy listening material. The beats are more treated, there is more experimentation with effects and the sounds that accompany the beats are distant and organic: melodic ambience with a variety of environmental sounds. The slow monumental nature of much of the composition is set against the close-up, transient nature of various shufflings, disturbances, found spaces and confronting beats.

Clearly Jasper enjoys synthetic textures and programmed sounds, but unlike many electronic artists, he takes the time to construct tunes and motifs that overlay or interlace where others go for repetition and cycling patterns. Reflecting on changes, structure and ambience "Shapes Are" EP is a unique mix of distant, warm, relaxing, uplifting and ecstatic sounds.

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