dave seagrim

dave seagrim

I left a Montreal suburb in the early nineties and was introduced to a fledgling rave scene in Toronto by a DJ friend. It was very cool to see the birth and beauty of something that was so synthetic but that felt so natural. I was truly awestruck by the whole package - the progressive sounds, the sea of glowsticks (which are still OK by me) and the sweaty sense of community and purpose.

I was in a music production program at the time. And although most of my studio time was spent surrounded by guitars and drum kits, electronica was my true passion. I traveled often to Detroit, Toronto, Pittsburgh and Montreal to see the "giants" of techno, especially Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills.

Although the scene has changed so much, musically I still value and pursue what I see as the original rave ideals: That electronic music should be seen as a point on a continuum - that it's purpose is not only to be musical, but also to always be evolving. And so I make an effort to reach musically and to try to come up with something somewhat unique.

I hope ya dig the tunes.

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