What is Nishi?

Nishi is a sub-label of the first & most well known Canadian MP3 label No Type.

Nishi was formed in 2002 by K.M. Krebs (aka 833-45) to expand No Type's "sphere of influence" onto the West Coast of Canada. Since then, Nishi's own "sphere of influence" has expanded to encompass all parts of the world, featuring artists from Russia, Brazil, Germany, USA, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, and every other corner of the globe. Since 2005, Ed Powley (aka Colophon) of the UK has been assisting with the running of Nishi.

Nishi means West in Japanese.

Can I submit my music to Nishi?

Yes, Nishi is open to anyone who wants to submit their music. While we listen to all submissions, we reserve the right to pick and choose what we want.

However, don't let this discourage you, as we are open to a wide variety of music. The only requirements you must meet are:

If your music is released on Nishi, you retain full copyright and control of the recordings. You are also protected by the Nishi license.

How do I submit my music?

There are two ways to submit some music to Nishi: You can either submit some online mp3's/ogg's by sending me the URL to download them, or you can mail me a copy of your music on CD (or other media).

Please do not e-mail mp3/ogg files as attachments! If you have work online, please send me the URL so that I can download it; otherwise, try a service such as YouSendIt. This makes things easier for everyone involved.

To make a submission via e-mail, send some here: email. Please write "Submission for Nishi" and your artist name in the subject line.

Alternately, CD-R's, Mini-discs, or even Cassettes (no DATs) can be mailed to me. Please e-mail for details.

What are .Ogg files?

Some releases on Nishi will be in Ogg format, which is a patent-free, open-source audio compression format. To learn more about Ogg Vorbis and get the neccessary software so you can listen to music in the Ogg format, go to the Vorbis Website.