Vinyl Interventions live at Ecube
Carrie Gates, Marinko Jareb, and Esther B.

Cover by Carrie Gates

  1. One  
  2. Two  
  3. Three  
  4. Four  
txt liner notes
complete zip file of entire album with cover and liner notes

This is a live set from the Vinyl Interventions Trio: Esther Bourdages, Marinko Jareb, and Carrie Gates. Live at Ecube, Montréal, this album documents the six-turntable cut-up that flipped it squiggly-style for a very live crowd. Using homemade microphones, sliced + diced records, kiddy turntables, oddity vinyl classics all switched up, this was also a very visual and performative event.

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-Carrie Gates

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