Cover by Max Haiven

Wear - Camp
  1. Bribe  
  2. Hoax  
  3. Your Voice  
  4. Hardly Distorted version  
  5. Your Voice Version  
  6. Bribe Version  
  7. Reflower  
txt liner notes
complete zip file of entire album with cover and liner notes
Camp Wear, which was recorded in 2002 before my Mutek performance, represents a junction between Camp II (which encompasses the Camp Féministe, Fodder #3 & Camp Mobile releases) & Camp III (which is so far represented by two yet unreleased albums, Mean & Rock Island.) It is really a sort of distorted mirror image in which Camp III looks at Camp II (& vice versa), & it also itself contains a mirror which is the piece Hardly. One piece is invisible when put through the mirror (Hoax), perhaps the result of it being a vamp. Bribe & Your Voice are really the only true living things on this recording. There is really not much to them. Reflower is a sad & violent attempt at reimagining the source of it all, which is not Camp I, which doesn't exist. At any rate, Reflower finds out that Re can replace De but it can never delete itself entirely. Hence there will not be any Flower no more. I know this is convoluted & all (don't think I've ever done anything so conceptually convoluted in fact), but I hope the meaning of this is obvious enough. Now, does the world need Camp Wear? I know I did. Back then.
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