Floors and Frames
Tim Olive, Jon Vaughn, and Carrie Gates

Cover by Tamara Bond and Carrie Gates

Floors and Frames - Tim Olive, Jon Vaughn, and Carrie Gates
  1. Floors  
  2. Frames  
  3. Footnote  
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Carrie Gates: turntable, blank etched records, mixing boards, sampling keyboard

Jon Vaughn: no-input mixing boards, prepared guitar

Tim Oilve: prepared guitar, found objects

An encounter never replicated again in aesthetic. The singular meeting between BricoLodge site curators (here performing on a turntable, mixing board & electric guitar) and prepared tabletop guitarist Tim Olive, whom is a resident of Osaka, Japan but has family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan... These improvisations all recorded in the afternoon of January 5, 2001, and they represent a concentrated and intense exploration of controlled muscles contorted and shaping around domestic technologies such as a record player and a mixing board to extract a restrained flow of sound while two prepared tabletop-sitting electric guitars were manipulated with the utmost scrutiny and critical nature.

  -Jon Vaughn, 2004
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