The Upgrade!

June 23rd, 2005

Montréal, QC,

Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn presented BricoLodge to live audience at the Societé des Arts et Technologies (SAT) as part of their monthly meeting of new media minds, The Upgrade! Organized by tobias c. vanVeen.


May 20, 2005

Regina, SK,

Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn presented BricoLodge to live audience at artist-run centre, Neutral Ground as part of r a d i o q u a l i a's 're:mote Symoposium'. Guests from all over the world did presentations from both local and remote venues, and the entire symposium was webcast to a live audience in Auckland, New Zealand. Jon also performed a live mix of the BricoLodge catalogue as part of the wrap-up party.

Un microphone dans une tempête de noize

August 28, 2004

Montréal, QC,

l'association culturelle ecube poursuit sa série de musique bruitiste...
Un microphone dans une tempête de noize/3samedi 28 août_Saturday August 28th
Un microphone dans une tempête de noize
Ecube__215a Murray
Bonaventure metro, 2 streets west of Peel St., south of Notre-Dame St.
- rencontre de 3 acousticiens, 3 platinistes et 3 électroniques:
Léon Lo (violon), Lori Freedman (clarinette basse, clarinette),
J.Spacewaver (guitare)
dj machine (tourne-disques), tobias c. van Veen (tourne-disques),
esther b (tourne-disques)
Diane Labrosse (échantillonneur), scant_intone (électroniques)
a_dontigny (cd préparés, boîte à rythme)
door open at 9h

August 6, 7, 8, 9, 2004


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This year marked the ninth annual outdoor SK electrronic music festival, and the tenth is in the works! Always full of friendly people, crazy environments, and a nice cross section of who's who in the SK electronic music scene, CONNECT is something that many people look forward to as one of the highlights of their summer. BricoLodge artists Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn both performed on Saturday night, twisting their bizarre and beaty audio bondage through open ears and minds...

Phantom Power 

May 20-22, 2004

North Bay, ON

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See the workshop images here!

Phantom Power is a three-day audio and video festival featuring some of Canada's finest experimental artists. Curated by Dermot WIlson of the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery of North Bay, ON, Phantom Power has invited artists to reflect upon the themes of the supernatural, phantasms, and random frequencies. Performing artists include Kero, Tomas Jirku, tobias C. van Veen, Jon Vaughn, Marinko Jareb, Max Haiven, Magali Babin, Carrie Gates, and Thinkbox. Carrie Gates, Marinko Jareb, and tobias C. van Veen performed as a live turntablist trio in for the Saturday night festivities. They also facilitated a workshop, called Unlocking the Groove, which was about experimental turntablism, vinyl record art, and historical elements of DJ culture, hosted on Saturday afternoon at the W.K.P.Kennedy Gallery. Jon Vaughn and Max Haiven hosted an informal lecture about net.labels, file sharing, and online communities at the W.K.P.Kennedy Gallery on Sunday afternoon, as well. This event was an excellent meeting of minds, movement, sights, and sounds!

please see the offical Phantom Power site (with more photoarchives) at:

 Vinyl Addicts

May 16, 2004


- experimental turntablism in the noise tradition -

5pm - 9pm @ Labyrinth Lounge

298 Brunswick (at Bloor), Toronto

Esther B. - toy turntables and 45s (, e-cube montreal)
DJ Big Mac - hip hop turntablism (bottlecap productions, toronto)
<<machine>> - locked grooves (, niagara)
DJ Dragon - acetate manipulation (dub plate king, niagara)
Robertson Holt - 33.3 magician (h-scale, toronto)

 Rien A Voir

Oct. 11, 2003


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Max Haiven & Jon Vaughn perform "Front: an outset" at the Prerien subseries curated by David Turgeon & Aime Dontigny as part of the Rein a Voir festival held at Espace Go! & organized by Reseaux. This performance by Haiven & Vaughn is to commenorate the release of their compact disc on the No Type label. Extra behind-the-scenes-pix can be found HERE

 FRONT at AKA Gallery (Member's Space Project)

Dec. 26, 2003


See the Photo Archives here !

Second CD release party for the "Front" CD by Jon Vaughn & Max Haiven held in Saskatoon with unlive telepresense by Max "Headroom" Haiven and audio mix of the Front CD by Jon Vaughn. Other performances included a live set by Scant Intone, to be released as Brico003, a dj set by Holzkopf, a live one-dude-elekro-akustik set by the tear gas recording tree's co-founder Steven Reed aka Minutia and visuals by Carrie Gates & Shawn Fulton. See pictures from event here, hend at AKA gallery as part of their annual members' spaces. Check out the photo documentation HERE!

 microphone in a storm of noise @ Ecube

Oct. 9, 2003


featuring Esther B., Marinko Jareb, and Carrie Gates performing Vinyl Interventions (archived here) as a live turntablist trio...also a live laptop set by Julie Rousse (archived here) performance of Camp's Socialiste by David Turgeon, Jon Vaughn, and A_Dontigny...and live DJ sets by Jon Vaughn and Marinko Jareb.

  CONNECT 2003

Aug. 21-24, 2003


Regina's Galaxy Lounge presented the eigth annual CONNECT "tribal electronic music festival" at the Besant campground. Cool, honest, outdoor shenanigans, living sweet sunshine, all-weekend camping tekno fun! Jon Vaughn and Carrie Gates performed on Friday night in the chill tent presented by the Beat Society...good, wild, and lively!


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