Tim Olive
(Osaka, Japan)

contact: timolive@yahoo.com

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Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, began playing electric bass at 12, travelling 100 km every week to study music theory and buy 70's hard rock lps. Further listening brought exposure to blues, jazz, reggae, and punk rock. A move to "the city" and its record library revealed free jazz, early electronic music, and the music of Asia.

Efforts were made to accommodate this range of music within the limits of rock instrumentation, but eventually regular rhythms and tempered pitches were jettisoned in favor of open forms, improvisation, and exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups, the instrument moving from chest to lap to tabletop, the number and diameter of strings varying periodically.

Extensive touring in North America, Europe and Japan has provided opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians including, most recently, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Haco, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Martin Tetreault. More important, however, is the shared development afforded by longer playing/recording relationships with Jeffrey Allport, Kelly Churko, Bunsho Nisikawa (in the duo Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used), Phroq, Mike Shiflet, and Fritz Welch, as well as a duo with dancer Corrie Befort.

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