Ian Birse
(Calgary, Canada)

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Since the early 1990's Ian Birse's work has evolved from guitar explorations of folk, blues, and jazz themes, through improvisation involving contact pickups, secondary bridges, and non-tempered tunings, to performance/installations that employ real-time video manipulation and electronic sound in immersive environments.

He has composed music for theatre and film, and made installations using time-based media for the 1998 Alberta Biennial (Bleaching Bones/Not the Title), the Works 1999 (New Ways to Strength and Beauty), and the Guelph Jazz Festival (Contact). Solo performances incorporating text, video, and improvised sound have been presented at Sound Symposium (St. John's), Jazz East (Halifax), Send + Receive (Winnipeg), the National Student Film Festival (Regina), Mountain Standard Time (Calgary), and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival. In October 2002 his ongoing collaborative work with Laura Kavanaugh continues at festivals in eastern Canada and Europe.

Previous projects (together with Laura Kavanaugh) at http://members.shaw.ca/kbduo/


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