Carrie Gates
(Saskatoon, Canada)
Co-Curator and Webmistress of BricoLodge


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Vinyl Interventions

Academic: University of Saskatchewan


BricoLodge Projects:
brico001: Chan Son In cover art

brico002: Floors and Frames

audio, cover art

brico006: It is not easy to give a conference when Mad Dog and Youppi are in the house

cover art
brico019: Vinyl Interventions live at Ecube audio, cover art

Diversity, playfulness, and experimentalism mark the distinct flavour of Carrie Gates' work over the last decade. She is known in some circles as Lady Gates for her unique approaches to DJing and performance. As a DJ, Carrie taps into the realms of noise, ambient, experimental turntablism, minimal, instrumental hip-hop, children's records, plunderphonics, and exotica. She splices eccentric fragments of sound with raw and cut up rhythms, making for a unique sound and exciting performances, which sometime include live vocals, sampling keyboards, or contact microphones. More information about her experimental turntablism practice can be found on the Vinyl Interventions website. When Carrie VJs, she incorporates rich, high-contrast textures and patterns with punchy clips and live footage, playing with time, scale, and opacity throughout. Her video content mingles, fluxus, film noir, turntablism, situationism, and pop culture with chaos, contrast, and humour. You can always count on this lady to take risks, have fun, and deliver unexpectable delights!

Currently, Carrie is working on several new projects, including a metal/noise album for Nightpass Handmade Records, and a series of video art collaborations with various artists. She was recently awarded a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to study Max/MSP/Jitter programming languages for interactive sound, video, and new media. She will be traveling to Winnipeg, Windsor/Detroit, and New York within the year for performances and to continue her new media studies. She is also preparing for an artist talk about her VJing practice at the new 'dorkbot' electronic arts group, hosted by paved Art + New Media in September 2006. Building mini-FM transmitters and contact microphones also fills some of her spare moments. Recent professional activities include research work about technology's role in DJ-audience interaction in nightclubs at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Saskatchewan, working as a Curatorial Assistant at the Kenderdine Art Gallery, providing research and proofreading for BlackFlash Magazine, as well as creating a database of Saskatchewan audio artists for Regina-based artist-run centre, Neutral Ground. Carrie is looking forward to graduating with a degree in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan in the winter of 2006.

Carrie Gates is a Saskatoon-based advocate for artist-run culture and the recent Past President of paved Art + New Media, where she also served as a member of the Programming Advisory Committee. At paved, Carrie spearheaded the annual fundraisers "Revenge of the Nerds: NINTENDISCO" (2005) and "NINTENDISCO: The Reign of the Nerds" (2006). Carrie also runs the BricoLodge net.label with Jon Vaughn. Her audio performances and compositions, live video, and academic interactivity research have been shown in Regina (Neutral Ground's "re:mote Symposium", 2005), Winnipeg ("send + receive: Sonic Emissions Series", 2005), Montréal ("MUTEK", 2001, "microphone in a storm of noize", 2003 and 2004, "The Upgrade!", 2005), New York ("The Upgrade! International", 2005), North Bay ("Phantom Power", 2004), Cologne, Germany ("[R][R][F] SoundLab Channel - INFLICT", 2004), and State College, Pennsylvania ("Designing Interactive Systems", 2006). She has played at almost all of the eleven annual CONNECT outdoor electronic music festivals, and after recently coming home from playing at the Motion Notion festival (Evansville, AB), she is very hyped for CONNECT XI and another outdoor summer weekend of working her wonders and frolicking with the fiends!

Carrie is a trekkie with an interest in transporter technology and Holodecks.

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