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drawing by Sebastien Gaulthier, 2002r

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Obfuscationist composer, strategist of sonic vagueness, and sometimes even performer (Camp, Asyncdrone, Period Three, L'île de béton…), David Turgeon is also founder and director of the No Type label.

Camp was started in 2000 by Turgeon who as was then making music under the name Period Three.The change of name was however symbolic of a search for a new approach to sound organization: techniques such as improvisational architecture & vague composition. Also a well defined framework of ethics concerning reappropriation & some sort of a filter for politics in arts along the way.Camp likes words. a word itself, camp clings to any semantic surface. It likes to provoke meaning.If glitch is just a process like another, then how interesting can it pretend to be? There is glitch in meaning, too.

David Turgeon is also known as a graphic designer, inventor of arcane programming languages and the author of a graphic novel (to be published in 2004).

-David Turgeon

pic 1

above: Aimé Dontigny, David Turgeon, and Jon Vaughn as Camp at DIGIDOME, Saskatoon, SK, 2002.

right: David Turgeon chilling at DIGIDOME


more photos of camp here

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