Brandon Blommaert
(Calgary, Canada)


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Brandon Blommaert is an audio and visual artist from Alberta. Over the past 4 years, he has produced and released experimental electronic music on CDR and cassette tape, has been featured on various regional compilation tapes, and has made visual and textual contributions to independent zines and bookworks, notably the handmade assemblages by Chandra Pederson, an ex-Albertan who is now residing in Saskatoon.

Blommaert’s sound work consists entirely of digitally manipulated sine waves, without the aid of samples from outside sources. This practice has resulted in the unfolding of a very unique and personal sound-world. Some of his sound creations were exhibited in Vancouver’s 2002 Signal and Noise festival. Only recently has Brandon accepted the challenge to reveal and perform his electronic music in public spaces.

Being a crafty type, Blommaert has received many scout badges, including the arts and crafts badge, cooking badge, and the junior carpentry badge. His current studies have taken him to the Alberta College of Art and Design, in which he is focussing on the Printmaking Studio Art program. In the near future, Blommaert hopes to update his digital production suite and continue to explore the unknown or 'unheard' potential in electronic sound.

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