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available on vinyl

napalm jazz le viandier de taillevent (no type) *** new! ***

available on cd

a_dontigny, michel f côté la notte fa (&records)
a_dontigny geisteswissenschaften (no type)
a_dontigny, diane labrosse télépathie (no type)

morceaux_de_machines estrapade (no type)
morceaux_de_machines liberum arbitrium (no type)

[va] victoriaville matière sonore (victo)
[va] [60]project (empreintes digitales)
[va] montréal sound matter / montréal matière sonore (pogus)
[va] 11h (ohm éditions)
[va] my malady (mental monkey)
[va] the freest of radicals (no type)

ensemble supermusique canevas «+» (ambiances magnétiques)
molasses a slow messe (fancy)

available on cd-r

a_dontigny on est 7,000,000 faut s'sampler! (déluge)

[va] 20 artistes 72.15 min (déluge)
[va] saccacomie (déluge)

esther b it is not easy for doug engelbart to give a conference
when youppi and mad dog are in the house

mp3 downloads

a_dontigny sine fiction vol. xviii) lies, inc. (sine fiction)
a_dontigny quelques cut-ups (périphériques)
a_dontigny sine fiction vol. ix) the ticket that exploded (sine fiction)
a_dontigny, chantal dumas duophone (no type: annexe)
a_dontigny sk (no type: annexe)
a_dontigny manifestator de maximo sonore (no type: annexe)
a_dontigny d_turgeon k_wong matin du nevada (no type)
a_dontigny sine fiction vol. i) we (sine fiction)
a_dontigny electromagressive butoh (no type: annexe)

ensemble camp live à résonances (no type)

morceaux_de_machines algoryt(h)mes (no type: annexe)
morceaux_de_machines liberum arbitrium extras (no type)
morceaux_de_machines innere unruhen (subverseco)
morceaux_de_machines cosmothérapie (no type)

napalm jazz cassettes 1999-2000 (no type: annexe)
napalm jazz, martin tétreault live may 2003 (no type: annexe)
napalm jazz, alexandre st-onge, martin tétreault live july 2002 (no type: annexe)
napalm jazz, sam shalabi live april 2002 (no type: annexe)
napalm jazz, martin tétreault live december 2001 (no type: annexe)
napalm jazz free transgénique (no type)

[va] l'orchestre de granulation (no type)
[va] dhomontèlements (no type)
[va] jammage (bricolodge)
[va] digidome archives (bricolodge)
[va] the freest of radicals remixed (no type)
[va] no type sampler 2003 (no type)
[va] 35h (arsonore)
[va] GPK (illmatik vibes)
[va] ¡muy sabroso! (subverseco)

zammuto full martyr status remixed (no type)
diablatomica tempt (no type)
érick dorion acariens (no type: annexe)
the twombley spiders and the reused folkway whisper (no type)